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Comsec Inventory Analyst

Washington, DC
We are seeking an  Comsec Inventory Analyst for a full time position in Washington, DC. All applicants must have an active Top Secret clearance and be processed for the Q clearance.
Comsec Custodian:
  • Proficiency in performing COMSEC account management and Electronic Key Management System (EKMS)
  • Perform Over-The-Air-Transfer (OTAT) of keymat
  • Assist in the management of all procurement, fielding, and sustainment of Crypto/Keying material and devices. This individual will assist in the tracking, control, and inventory requirements of Government Furnished Equipment.
  • Ensuring maximum COMSEC s are in place, managing proper accountability, handling, storage, packaging, shipment, and administration of cryptographic materials. will perform installation, maintenance, configuration, and troubleshooting of COMSEC equipment
  • Other duties will involve the ordering and transfer of cryptographic keys, loading keying material to KGs
  • Ensure that all residential requests are signed before issuance of secure communications equipment. Ensure the tracking database is accurate and paperwork is filed accordingly. Perform consolidated inventory every six months
  • Maintain a current inventory of all COMSEC material, and be aware of the location of such material and the purpose for which it is held. A semi-annual inventory (SAIR) will be completed every six months and when there is a custodial change. Conduct, supervise or request required inventories to be performed, including daily inventories.
  • Destroy COMSEC material as prescribed or directed.
  • Assist in shipping Cryptographic products and key material
  • Serve as COMSEC Custodian under the COMSEC Manager
  • Maintain adequate physical and electronic records of all account COMSEC material
  • Maintain records of appointment and changes of account COMSEC personnel
  • Perform or verify destruction of crytomaterial and maintain adequate records of destruction
  • Conduct physical inventories of accountable COMSEC material
  • Assist with COMSEC audits
  • Notify appropriate personnel of all known COMSEC occurrences/infractions and assist with related investigations
  • Oversees keying and operation of account crypto-equipment
IT Inventory Analyst:
  • Support the Federal IT Inventory Manager with tracking IT hardware and devices throughout the organization.
  • Enter inventory information and status in the inventory database.
  • Support inventory accountability efforts.
  • Create reports as required to support inventory efforts.
  • Familiarity with Key Management Infrastructure (KMI)
  • Familiarity with NSA/CSS Policy Manual 3-16 Control of Communications Security (COMSEC) Material and CNSSI 4000 series
  • Good knowledge of any of the following:; Type 1 Cryptographic products (e.g. General Dynamics Taclane KG-175D, KG-175G, KG-175X), TEMPEST; encryption, key management (Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) Common Tier 1 System), and communications standards Computer Security; data networks, protocols & related cryptographic equipment integrated circuits, Secure Terminal Equipment (STE), Data Transfer Devices (e.g. AN CYZ 10, Simple Key Loader, DTD2000(KIK20), RASKL (KIK30))
  • Must work well in a team environment as well as independently
  • Good time management skills, independent decision making capability and a focus on customer service
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Proven ability to multi-task and prioritize accordingly.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Background working in the Intelligence Community.
  • Experience working in a classified environment.

 Must possess an active TS clearance
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