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Cybersecurity Engineer

Washington, DC
Applies a broad understanding of monitoring, analyzing, detecting, and responding to cyber events and incidents within information systems and networks. Advises on an integrated, dynamic cyber defense and leverages cyber security solutions to deliver cyber security operational services, such as intrusion detection and prevention; situational awareness of network intrusions, security events and data spillage; and incident response actions.  Test, implements, deploys, and operates, the infrastructure hardware and software which are required to effectively manage the organization’s cyber security operational services. 
  • Apply/integrate cybersecurity engineering principles into infrastructure planning, design, and deployment 
  • Lead or participate in an Integrated Product Team review to ensure security architecture integration
  • Generate alternative system concepts, physical architectures, security architectures and design solutions
  • Develop derived requirements for Information Assurance Services (Confidentiality, Integrity, Non repudiation, and Availability); Basic Information Assurance mechanisms (e.g., Identification, Authentication, Access Control, Accountability); and Security Mechanism Technology (Passwords, cryptography, discretionary access control, mandatory access control, hashing, key management, etc.)
  • Manage system requirements and derived requirements to ensure the delivery of production systems that are secure and compatible with the defined system architectures
All applicants must have an active Top Secret clearance and go through SCI/Q.
BS Degree is preferred
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