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System Engineer/Configuration Manager

Washington, DC
We are seeking a Systems Administration/Configuration Manager to support a federal Agency located in the Washington, DC Metro Region. Ideal candidates will possess 5-7 years of experience and a 4-year degree in IT or related field. All applicants must be USC and clearable.
·         Experience with windows migrations and active directory upgrades
·         Knowledge of network backup processes and procedures
·         Experience building, configuring, and managing Microsoft Windows servers
·         Experience with Enterprise Backup software
·         Experience reviewing, verifying, and validating SDLC documentation
·         Experience ensuring requirements traceability in code
·         Knowledge of Windows and Virtualization
·         Strong understanding and working knowledge of Agile and Waterfall code promotion models
·         Strong understanding of code branching and merging
·         Working knowledge of PowerShell and Automated builds
·         Monitors server resources, application/server health, and application/server performance to proactively identify and resolve                any server-related issue(s). 
·         Performs analysis on server faults to and implement strategies to minimize future issues
·         Troubleshoots and resolves server problems
·         Recommends system enhancements, tests, and implements approved solutions
·         Performs Windows server upgrades and patches
·         Authors and maintains PowerShell script suite for various server operations tasks
·         Ensures the server security posture is in adherence to agency’s mandates
·         Analyzes security scan finding and address vulnerabilities
·         Conducts code deployments to all environments except Development
·         Reviews work of team members as related to verification of builds, scripts, installation procedures, source code control, and              issue tracking preferably in the IBM Rational tool suite.
·         Collaborates with the Development and QA Leads to deploy builds to non-production environments to initiate testing
·         Supports the Production release by executing the release plan activities including deploying code to Production servers
·         Works closely with Software Development Leads to ensure release version is the version tested and to be released nationally
·         is responsible for reviewing, verifying, and validating SDLC documentation such as SCM Plan, PDE, Programmers Manual,                and Reference Manual to ensure technical accuracy, readability, and completeness and writes TARs
·         Proposes changes to satisfy documentation requirements, project objectives, and proposes updates to documentation to                    satisfy those requirements
·         Is responsible for ensuring requirements traceability throughout all SDLC including the PDE, change management tool, and                source code
·         Is responsible for ensuring software release and distribution packages are under configuration control, identifying any                         deficiencies, and ensuring proper archival
·         Is responsible for conducting and observing builds, understanding how the build is conducted, and reporting results
·         Must be able to write technically accurate and detailed Software Build Reports and Media Comparison Reports. Must track                release to process compliance
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