Google Cloud Engineer

Location: Washington, DC
Date Posted: 06-28-2018
We are seeking Google Cloud Engineers for a contract opening in Washington, DC
Scope below:
Google Cloud Platform Engineering
AWS Engineering 
AWS Config and Rules.
There is an Inventory portion with DB that pulls config data from
App Engine Apps
Cloud SQL
Compute Engine Backend Services
Compute Engine Instances
Compute Engine Instance Groups
Compute Engine Instance Group Managers
Compute Engine Instance Templates
Folders Cloud IAM Policies
GSuite Groups
GSuite Group Members
IAM GrantableRoles
Load Balancer Forwarding Rules
Organizations Cloud IAM Policies
Projects Cloud IAM Policies
Service Accounts
There is a Scanner portion that scans inventory for compliance with the following built in scanners
BigQuery dataset ACL scanner
Blacklist scanner
Bucket ACL scanner
Cloud SQL Networks scanner
Firewall Rules scanner
Load Balancer Forwarding Rules scanner
Groups scanner
IAM policy scanner (organization resources)
IAP scanner
Instance Network Interface scanner
KE Version scanner
And lastly there is an Enforcer that compares policy files that define the desired state of a resource against the current state of the resource.
If it finds any differences in policy, Forseti Enforcer makes changes using Google Cloud APIs.
 AWS engineering experience
python, AWS Config, JSON or YAML‘s
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