IBM Consultant

Location: Youngstown, OH
Date Posted: 02-28-2018
 We are seeking an IBM consultant for a 2-Part opening to start in mid-April. All applicants must be U.S Citizens or Green Card Holders with clear communication. All applicants must be willing to work onsite in Youngstown, Ohio and North Canton, Ohio. Must be willing to work at an hourly 1099 or c2c rate. We are not able to use partners for this opening.
IBM Model S914 with external 1U media enclosure with LTO-5 tape drive and DVD-RAM. IBM rack.
No virtualization/no HMC. Use customer supplied laptop for set-up and install.
As far as services related to the new POWER9 system, we would like:
1.Install, set-up and configure system. Install and setup One single AIX OS. IBM rack part of purchase.
2.Update to latest software, firmware, etc.
3.Help defining the filesystems (setup a few together, then customer can setup the rest). Internal disk for Root VG and for DATAVG as specified by customer. SSD and spinning disk. All one 18 disk internal backplane.
4.Miscellaneous questions/support if needed.
Also need services related to existing IBM power 720 system which will become hot site systems in North Canton. 
5.Upgrade to the same level of AIX as the new system (AIX 7.1 to AIX 7.2).
6.Upgrade the software, etc. on the SAN attached V7000 (current level is build 103.23.1504140000). And apply any needed updates to the two brocade SAN 24 port switches.
PLAN TO IMPLEMENT on new S914 – AS APPROPRIATE - Eight (8) X 387GB SFF-3 SSDs, Five (5) X 600GB SAS HDDs. Root VG for OS and DATAVG for DATA. All one protected RAID group.
Easy Tier function is configured using RAID 5T2 (2-tiered RAID 5), RAID 6T2 (2-tiered RAID 6) or RAID 10T2 (2-tiered RAID 10). HDD and SSD are combined in the same array and the controller or adapter swaps 1M or 2M bands of data between HDD and SSD, automatically moving the hot data to SSD and the cold data to SSD. The HDD and SSD can be different capacities in this array. If an array has multiple capacity points, for example, 300 GB HDD and 600 GB HDD, only 300 GB of the larger 600 GB HDD will be used. Similarly, if the array has 387 GB SSD and 775 GB SSD, only 387 GB of the 775 GB will be used. Note that the block size of the drives in the array must match. All drives must be 5xx byte sectors or all must be 4k byte sectors.
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