Java UI Developer

Location: Alexandria, Virginia
Date Posted: 01-10-2018
Java/JavaScript Web Developer
This position is for a web developer that has a strong background in creating modern web apps.
3 + years’ experience in required skills or be able to demonstrate very high proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS; may have more overall IT experience.
·        Design, implement, test, and document front end components:  JavaScript, CSS, HTML,
·        Research and analysis of new web technologies.
·        Design new NodeJS projects and refactor existing ones.
·        Migrate JSP-based web code to React/Webpack
Required Skills
·        Strong Expertise with front-end technologies:  JavaScript (ES6), React, Webpack, Babel, CSS/SASS
·        Strong Expertise with NodeJS, npm/yarn
·        Experience with modular javascript development.
·        Experience with Client-side state management using tools like Redux/Mobx/Others
·        Experience with Webpack-dev-server and/or ExpressJS
·        Experience with unit testing with MochaJS, exposure to Karma.
·        Experience with using modern web development IDEs (Webstorm/Atom)
·        Ability to work in a UNIX/Linux environment
·        Strong Knowledge with version control using Git
·        Ability to understand some basic Java/JSP/JSTL code to migrate to React/Webpack
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